AquaKat delivers SPRING QUALITY WATER straight from your tap!

For two decades this revolutionary patented technology of AquaKat is truly unique and comes with many advantages.  But how does it work?

AquaKat is an energetic physical water treatment device (sender, catalyst) which emits a previously programmed and charged frequency into the water. A system that re-vitalises water, optimising quality and taste.
The effect of the device is based on the principle of resonance. Water has a memory, can respond to frequencies, and can store and process these. The inner working structure of the AquaKat transmits the programmed information of natural high quality spring water, oxygen and minerals to the water, causing it to come into resonance, altering the molecular behaviour (cluster) of the water.
It is sufficient to mount the device on the water pipe (no plumbing required) in order for resonance energy transfer to be effective upon the water as a result of the frequencies AquaKat has been charged with (e.g. place AquaKat next to a water container or drinking bottle).
The programming of the inner workings of an AquaKat device is done with Penergetic Technology. This can be compared to the well-known programming of a chip, CD, DVD etc. From an original any number of copies are created. There is no difference between the effect or resonance created by the original or by a copy.
AquaKat works on the total vitalisation and physical cleanliness of the water. Properties within the water are changed. Pollution levels and possible harmful information relating to them are eliminated. The order and structure of a natural healthy spring water quality is returned to the water.

What is in the device?

AquaKat consists of two components. The housing and the programmed internal part (spring water).

The stabilization material in AquaKat is made of organically grown flax and is used to press the inner part against the wall of the housing. The inner part (spring water) is constructed with layers, alternately conductor and insulator layer. This results in a reinforcement of the programmed frequency pattern and ensures a constant and consistent flow of information.


AquaKat removes lime and rust build up

One benefit of water revitalizing with the AquaKat is that lime build–up inside water pipes becomes dissolved and does not re-form. The reason for this is that the water regains its natural capability to hold dissolvent mineral substances as microscopic particles – 200 to 300 times smaller than before. This means that lime does not build up on pipes. 
In hot water tanks, hot water heating systems, appliances or in commercial, industrial or agricultural operations, especially where water is recirculated or heated. Similarly, rust in steel pipes is dissolved and then washed away like other substances in the water, instead of accumulating or staining fixtures.

• Hardness stabilization and lime homogenisation

• Protection of water pipes and household appliances

• Less aggressive and less corrosion, protects against rust 

• Increased solubility capacity of water to absorb dissolved substances

• Increased hygiene and sanitation as sedimentation does not build up on pipes

• Permanent function – water retains vitality even when stationery (not flowing ) on pipes



AquaKat offers a range of products suitable for many applications:

No Drops and Sanviaqua Discs

No drop and Sanviaqua discs are perfect for household items, providing you with healthy, vitalised, pure spring water quality. Benefits are:  

Optimised taste • Improved acid base recovery / Ph alkalising • 100% water energy increase • Body hydration assist

AquaKat No Drops

Great for water jugs and water bottles, wine or liquor bottles (curl up into the bottle neck and pour without one drop). Suitable for cold water applications.

This amazing little disc does everything all READ MORE BUY NOW


Sanviaqua Coffee Machine / Large Water Container Disc

Great for coffee machines, kettles and large water containers. Suitable for hot and cold beverages and large water containers like water coolers. BUY NOW


AquaKat Water Bottle 600ml

Convert tap water into natural spring water with AquaKat’s newest water bottle. This light weight world famous Swiss made SIGG bottle is aluminium treated with the AquaKat technology within,  READ MORE BUY NOW


AquaKat S

Single taps, showers, mobile usage – take this lightweight device with you everywhere you go, e.g use in hotels, at friends, in caravans, for camping etc

Water volume: 100 litres per day. BUY NOW


AquaKat 1”

Apartments, small homes, commercial application

Water volume: 2,000 litres day BUY NOW


AquaKat 2”

From one to multifamily homes, also commercial applications

Water volume: 12,000 litres day BUY NOW

AquaKat L

One or two-family homes. For cold and hot water systems and swimming pools. Cold water vitalisation, swimming pools

Water volume: 3,000 litres day BUY NOW

Other Products

For more detailed information on the following products please contact the relevant State representative or our head office.

AquaKat 8 – Information

Information and Benefits

Penergetic continually strive to advance and improve their technology, and add to their range of products. AquaKat 8+ is a highly advanced physical device, used for the activation and vitalisation of water. It is holistic water vitalisation at its best, transferring previously modulated frequencies to the water. This changes the molecular behaviour of the water, providing the same characteristics and quality like spring water.

Consisting of 8 modules, this device can always be extended by one module, providing immense additional benefits of application for large residential properties, commercial and industrial applications, also being well suited for use in agriculture, with livestock and plant cultivation.

AquaKat 8+ is made of titanium, is splash water-proof, maintenance free and does not incur any further operating costs.

The AquaKat can be fitted on all pipe materials. A 25 cm long, straight and free pipe segment is sufficient for the installation. The AquaKat will be attached on the water pipe without any intervention in the pipe system. The AquaKat must be installed after filters, water meters and electronic devices. Benefits for Agriculture


  • Higher water consumption
  • Increased performance
  • Better dilution of additives
  • Less pollution of potions
  • Supports sustainability

Plant Cultivation:

  • Better nutrient uptake
  • Stronger plant growth
  • Contribution to increased yield
  • Less fertiliser use
  • Supports sustainability

AquaKat 8 + Benefits for Industry

  • Saving and optimization of additives
  • Less need for cleaning, shorter non-operating time
  • Maintenance free
  • Works also in stagnant water
  • ROI of 12 to 24 months
  • Environmentally friendly and sustainable

AquaKat 8+

Water Volume: 175m3/day = 175,000 litres day


AquaKat 8+ Plus 1 Module

Water Volume: 350m3/day = 350,000 litres day


AquaKat 8+ Plus 2 Modules

Water Volume: 600m3/day = 600,000 litres day


AquaKat 8+ Plus 3 Modules

Water Volume: 1,000m3/day = 1,000,000 litres day


AquaKat 8+ Plus 4 Modules

Water Volume: 1,500m3/day = 1,500,000 litres day

Installation of Modules

Things to be aware of:

  • Initially possible release of residues
  • Avoid electromagnetic fields 
  • Do not stick anything to the AquaKat
  • Ensure there is no contact between the AquaKat and the wall or floor

Installation Infomation

Installing AquaKat products for use in apartments, single households, small & multifamily homes and even for some commercial application is easy. No plumbing is required!

AquaKat is simply clamped onto the main intake water pipe. Follow the detailed instruction attached, or contact us if you require assistance.

You may also want to watch our instructional video for installation of AquaKat 2:


Swimming Pool Capacities

The following table is to be used as a rough guide only. The exact number of AquaKats will be determined for each individual project separately.

Water VolumeNumber of AquaKats®
Up to 30,000L (30m³)1x AquaKat - 2" Device
Up to 60,000L (60m³)2x AquaKat - 2" Device
Up to 90,000L (90m³)3x AquaKat - 2" Device
Above 90,000LBy Application and Consultation

FAQ’s – General

How long has AquaKat been in use?

AquaKat has been in use well over two decades. The first AquaKat devices were launched 25 years ago and are still in use today – they do not run out, expire or become obsolescent. Nonetheless, every AquaKat comes with a 5 year warranty. Do I have to replace AquaKat after a certain amount of time?

AquaKat continues to last when installed correctly. There is no maintenance required, and you never need to change a filter. How does AquaKat affect my skin?

AquaKat is very beneficial for your skin because there are no chemical residues in the water. Showering or washing with AquaKat treated water softens the water and will make your skin feel hydrated. What is the AquaKat used for?

Water loses a great part of its vitality through technical and chemical processing, as well as through pressure and transportation. The AquaKat restores the original vitality of the water. The AquaKat was developed for re-vitalisation of tap water in single and multi-family houses, apartments, fountains, businesses, industry and agriculture. How does the AquaKat work?

Water is an information carrier, which means it can store frequency patterns. AquaKat technology utilises this data to transforms water into fresh spring water that is tasty and soft on your skin. With AquaKat, the water is purified, vitalised, oxygenised and mineralised, all without the need of a filtration system.

This ground breaking technology results in AquaKat products being maintenance free – a saving that pays for your investment in no time!

For detailed information on how AquaKat works, click here.

For detailed installation information, click here.

What effects does the AquaKat create?

There is reduction of the size of calcium crystals; how crystals in general are formed, is modified; the taste improves and substances like calcium, iron (but also detergents) dissolve better. What quantities of water can be treated with the device?

With a steady water consumption the

AquaKat 1” is designed for apartments, small homes and commercial application and is sufficient for 2,000 litres per day

AquaKat2” can treat from one to multifamily homes and commercial applications. Sufficient for 12,000 litres per day

AquaKat L is sufficient for a 1-2 family house, i.e. averagely 3 m³ per day.

AquaKat S can treat 100 lt. per day.

AquaKat M is sufficient for 750 lt. per day, with very good water up to 1 m³.

AquaKat XL is designed for a multi-family house with a water consumption of about 6m3 per day.

If more water is consumed, more AquaKats should be installed. Where is the AquaKat used?

The AquaKat is used in single and multi-family houses and apartments. Further applications are in agriculture and industry, fountains, etc. The AquaKat can be used in a wide variety of water situations for revitalisation and remediation

FAQ’s – Installation

Recommended usage and tips for mounting

Download PDF How and where is it installed?

The AquaKat should be installed with the mounting clamp after the water meter and the pressure reducer. For mounting a 10-16cm free pipe section is required. There is no interference with the pipe system, as the AquaKat will be clamped to the pipe. The pipe should be clean and free of rust and dirt. What can delay or impair the effectiveness of AquaKat?

Strong electrical fields interfere with the function of AquaKat. If there are large electrical devices in the room, the strength of the electromagnetic field at the installation point should be measured with a meter.

Plastic pipes are, in contrast to metal pipes, sluggish conductors (vibration transmitter). If the AquaKat is installed on a plastic pipe there will be a delay before there is an effect. Are there any known problems related to the usage?

With very old pipes there is the risk that they start leaking as deposited limestone is released. For example, through already existing hairline cracks. One should not use AquaKats on old lead pipes. There is no space for mounting as the minor pipes to the living areas are placed right after the main inlet. How should the AquaKat be installed?

  • Install immediately adjacent to the water meter;
  • Mount it on the first minor pipe as close to the main inlet pipe as possible;
  • Place a bracket on the main pipe and mount the AquaKat on it;
  • When testing the AquaKat, it can be placed lengthwise on the pipe or tied onto it;
  • Ask for a narrower mounting clamp;
  • Add a pipe section in the main pipe and mount the AquaKat on that.

What pipe sizes does the AquaKat accommodate?

The mounting clamps of AquaKat L and XL cover the range from ½ to 2 inches, those of AquaKat M ¼ to 1 inch. If you have bigger pipes, e.g. recirculation pipes in a swimming pool, a larger clamp can be ordered from the manufacturer. Can the AquaKat be mounted in such a way that it touches two pipes?

This is possible in principle, but it is more effective to join the two pipes with a metal plate and mount the AquaKat before or on this plate. The best solution, however, is to install an AquaKat on each pipe. Can the AquaKat be leaned against the wall?

No, the AquaKat should, if at all possible, be mounted hanging or standing freely. Must it be installed in a particular direction?

No. The direction is not important. There is a pipe for hot water and one for cold water. Should an AquaKat be installed on both pipes or can you connect the pipes? Does that influence the effect?

Ideally put the AquaKat L on the cold water pipe and an AquaKat M on the hot water pipe as the energy decreased when the water is heated. The AquaKat S can be used for single taps /outlets. Other possibilities: See question 11. Can an AquaKat be installed at the hot water circulation (heating)?

For that we use our ThermoKat. Simply install it at the heating circuit. Advantages: active water, better heat conductivity, less sludge and deposits on the expensive thermostats. Saves energy. Mounting an AquaKat on the main pipe is not permitted. How can you install the AquaKat in an apartment?

The AquaKat can be installed on the branch leading into your apartment or inside the apartment if possible at the beginning of the pipe. If there is too little space, the AquaKat M or S should be used. As needed it can be used in the bathroom, in the kitchen, for the washing machine, underneath the sink, etc. Ideally it should be fitted on both the cold and the hot water pipes.

FAQ’s – Interactions and Effects

By how many degrees is the water hardness reduced after mounting?

The hardness remains the same; it may even rise a bit temporarily when lime deposits are released from the pipes. In almost all cases the AquaKat brings about a stabilisation of the hardness, but no softening. However, the water feels a lot softer after installation of the AquaKat. What happens to the lime?

Hardness stabilisation is a physical process by which the crystallisation behaviour of the water components changes in such a way that the crystals do not form chains or clumps. Also they do not form aggressive lime scale anymore. How can you check the effect?

You can compare the initial condition with the condition after installing the AquaKat. Here an example:

Problems with lime scale deposits? (Please tick)

BEFORE: very big  big  not much  none 

AFTER: very big  big  not much  none  How often is it necessary to thoroughly decalcify household appliances?

BEFORE: 1. aerators 2. pots 3. coffee machines 4. fittings

5._________ interval:

AFTER: 1. aerators 2. pots 3. coffee machines 4. fittings

5._________ interval:

Which subjective changes did you experience with …?

Removal of lime, water colour (clearer), water taste, food (taste), detergent (savings), laundry (softer), easier to clean, skin and hair (feel, look, maintenance), plants (appearance, health), animals (appearance, well-being), etc. It works well, but there are still hard deposits in the pressure cooker and in the water kettle, why?

In a pressure cooker there are temperatures above 100°C and enormous pressure. Under these conditions, the lime scale starts forming again.

Residual water is often left in the water kettle and boiled again. The revitalisation diminishes © Penergetic Int. AG, CH-8592 Uttwil Page 33

over time. So this „old“ water with its lime forms a small deposit that builds up over time.

Therefore empty the kettle fully after boiling and rinse if necessary Can it be that the effect of the AquaKat fluctuates?

If the effect varies, it is mostly due to these factors: Change in water quality, connection and disconnection of electrical equipment in the area where the AquaKat is mounted (sources of interference), habituation to the effect, formation of deposits between the mounting clamp and the pipe (must be removed).

If the fluctuations happen continuously, contact the seller. After 2 weeks, still no noticeable difference?

Then several factors need to be checked into: Where and how is the AquaKat fitted? What were the expectations? Are there sources of interference and / or other devices nearby? The water quality, water quantity and the pipe material have an impact on the effectiveness. It is recommended to uninstall the AquaKat, to clarify the issues and to install it again a week later; it might also be necessary to fit a second AquaKat. After two months the AquaKat does not work anymore!

Again, several factors need to be clarified: Have new (electrical) devices have been put into operation? Is the water supply different (ask waterworks, new appliances, different mix, etc.)? Is the AquaKat properly mounted or perhaps fallen down? Have deposits formed between clamp and pipe? Have large amounts of water been used? Have you already gotten used to the good quality? Is the lime structure the same again? When in doubt, it is also advisable here to dismount the AquaKat and fit it again after two weeks. Also a vinegar test is recommended! A replacement of the AquaKat can only then be taken up for consideration (see also questions 34 and 35. The water is all of a sudden brown. Why?

This is a very positive effect! Lime and other material such as iron (rust) are released from the pipes. During this time, the pipes should be frequently and thoroughly flushed. The aerators and filters are clogged.

Unscrew and remove the deposits. Is it safe for babies to drink the tap water again when the AquaKat has been installed?

That depends solely on the quality of the water supplied. Many substances are not recognised in a simple analysis (15 parameters).

FAQ’s – Warranty and Lifespan

How long is the warranty?

30-day return period with money-back guarantee. 5 years on workmanship and materials. How long does the AquaKat keep working?

According to experience so far at least 17 years. Product Liability Act?

The AquaKat was developed for water revitalisation. The side effect of hardness stabilisation is not a promise, but a possible side benefit.

FAQ’s – Specific Areas of Application

Can the AquaKat be used to vitalise the water in swimming pools?

In swimming pools, etc. the AquaKat is mounted on the circulation pipe. An additional AquaKat can be installed on the central fresh water supply. How many AquaKats does one need for a swimming pool?

The number of AquaKat depends on how much fresh water is exchanged daily. Up to 3 cubic meters of fresh water per day = 1 AquaKat L. For larger amounts 2 or more AquaKat are required. (See equipment list for swimming pools). Problems with germs in the swimming pool?

Because of the vitalisation also a change of milieu for germs takes place. As a result, an environment may be created in which the germs do not feel comfortable. The effect has to be monitored. Can you leave out the chlorine?

For public swimming pools there are regulations regarding this. A reduction of the chlorine is still conceivable. Under constant control a more optimal, new dosage can be found. Generally “normal” swimming pools cannot be operated without the addition of chlorine. They lack natural filters (algae, vorticella, etc.). Can the AquaKat be used in air conditioning systems?

Yes. If the system is operated under high pressure and high temperatures an additional AquaKat should be installed. Can the AquaKat be used in industrial plants?

The AquaKat was developed specifically for the domestic water supply. The commercial and industrial use must first be discussed with the manufacturer. Various fixtures are available. Does the AquaKat also help with Legionella problems?

For problems with Legionella, sanitation (thermal or chemical) is the first and most important measure. The AquaKat should only be installed after sanitation and verification thereof has been done. In general one has to make sure that the pipes/tubes, in particular also the hot-water line, are flushed regularly and that filter systems are cleaned and properly maintained.

Extra Product Information?

For more detailed information about applications for larger homes, apartments and commercial usages applications, please contact the relevant State representative or contact our head office

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