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Portable disk that optimises the taste of beverages.

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Great for water jugs and water bottles, wine or liquor bottles (curl up into the bottle neck and pour without one drop). Suitable for cold water applications.

This amazing little disc does everything all other AquaKat products do! Great in your water jug at home, for your water bottle when you are on the go, or take it with you and add No Drops to a water jug or water glass at a restaurant, pub, BBQ or family event. Coil it up and put it into the bottle neck of any wine, beer or liquor bottle and pour the liquid without any droplets, while energising your beverage at the same time! Suitable for cold water applications.

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3 reviews for Aquakat No Drops Disc EN

  1. Nicollete Harding

    Absolutely incredible! This little disc changes the taste and appearance of the water almost immediately. No more harsh chemical taste . Just clear, smooth tasty water which I cannot stop drinking. I highly recommend you try this product for yourself, the revolutionary water device of the future is finally here.

  2. Rachel monroe

    I use this to de-toxify my wine, coffee, all my drinks. I simply place the glass on the disc instead of a coaster. Brilliant!

  3. Margarite Laing

    OMG how great is this Water Disc…
    I just cant believe how it changes the taste of my drinks. Normally when I drink wine the sulfates send me into a sneezing fit but since I’ve been using the water disc, I haven’t sneezed and the wine taste so much better.
    I also love the easiness of this as well.
    So simple when I go out, fits in your pocket and all my beverages just taste great now.
    I have no problem drinking from the tap now.
    No more bottle water.
    Saving me an absolute fortune.
    Highly recommend 5*

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