Aquakat 2” ( 12,000 litres day )

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12,000 litres day

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From one to multifamily homes, also commercial applications
Water volume: 12,000 litres day

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1 review for Aquakat 2” ( 12,000 litres day )

  1. Geoff Laing

    We have installed the Aquakat 2 onto our mains into our home after trialing the water disc.
    My wife and I just can’t believe the difference in the taste, smell and softness of the water now.
    I use to smell really bad chlorine on many days and now that’s gone, and my beverages eg: tea and coffee is so much fuller in flavour and the shower, wow is fantastic as we are using less soap and shampoo/conditioner.
    I have no idea how this works but somehow it does and the proof is in our water now.
    My plumber who helped me with finding the appropriate pipe to place the Aquakat2 on just is amazed as much as we are.
    I highly recommend you to try it.
    Also no filters cartridges to buy ever. Thats a big bonus and saving there..
    10 stars not 5.
    Just amazing..
    Next step is to put it onto the pool. Cant wait..

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