AquaKat is the brainchild of Swiss Company Penergetic International AG, a biotechnology company established in Uttwil. Penergetic is specialising in the invention, manufacture and distribution of product ranges for vitalisation of drinking water, as well as water treatment systems, providing solutions for improved re-vitalised water quality for domestic, commercial and industrial use. 

Switzerland is a country known the world over for its high quality and innovative approach to everything they do.

Established in 2001, Penergetic International has been offering holistic solutions in 42 countries for a variety of environmental problems to the satisfaction of national and international customers.

The Vision

To provide water devices and water vitalisation technology that treats nature with respect and conserves natural resources, providing workable, environmentally friendly solutions with natural biotechnology.

The Mission

We offer our customers sustainable, effective products with a wide range of application. The products are continually being developed and improved.

The Values

Out of respect for people and the environment our production is dedicated to social, ethical and environmental responsibility. We believe all interested people should have access to our products.


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ACO certified Imported Product
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Australian Importer / Product Agent
X-Line Agencies Pty Ltd

Since 2006, the owners of X-Line have been working with and are personally using Penergetic and AquaKat products, gaining invaluable experience and knowledge. AquaKat devices are installed throughout our home and in the swimming pool.

We have seen and are continuing to see first-hand the many benefits provided by these products and are proud to be associated with the company.

North Brisbane, Qld
Phone: + 61 7 5450 7723
Email: xline@bigpond.com

Brand Partner Representative Enquiry

Please contact our head office if you would like more information about joining our company as a representative of our products. Territory are available in all States. To register your interest, please fill in the "enquiry form", send us an email to xline@bigpond.com, or call us on +61 7 5450 7723 to discuss this excellent opportunity.

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