Spring Quality Water on Tap with AquaKat, the Revolutionary Swiss Water Purification and Vitalisation Technology


AquaKat technology transforms water into fresh, quality spring water by









the water without the need for any filtration system.
The result is tasty, healthy water you and your body will love.

Health Benefits


Changes the structure of the water molecule and memory of water, eliminating the harmful effects of fluoride chlorine and other toxic elements WITHOUT a filtration system resulting in overall enhanced physical wellbeing


Tastes great and increases alkalinity (elevated pH) resulting in overall physical well-being


Energetically cancels harmful information in water


Optimises solubility and higher absorption capacity of mineral substances in the water


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Product testimonial review for Aquakat and Svitec products.

Aquakat products - disks and pipe attachments

These are incredible devices. Distilled and reverse osmosis water are improved energetically exponentially - I would not recommend any longer consuming these types of water without an energetic treatment such as Aquakat. The difference is not small. The capacity of the water to hydrate now one can sense and experience is much greater. Additionally, with the Aquakat installed on the incoming water pipe, I notice also the significant improvement in our garden. Our vegetable garden and rose garden are both growing beautifully now - my wife even noticed that something really had changed. As for the treatment of bath and shower water, this is really remarkable, especially given how chemically laden and energetically poor Perth tap water is. With energy testing it can be easily shown that bathing water becomes healthy and even healing, straight from the tap without any other filtration apart from the Aquakat. Filtering out the multitude of chemicals and impurities with standard filters is difficult and they become toxic much sooner than advertised and would need very frequent changing. But with Aquakat one no longer needs to worry about any of that - they keep working seemingly forever undiminished and it really does nullify all of the detrimental qualities in municipal tap water. Not to mention coffee and even milk tastes better with the use of the Aquakat products. So very recommended.
Raymond Marchesi
Perth - Western Australia
Product testimonial review for Aquakat and Svitec products.

Svitec car and phone chips -

These are amazing. The phone chips I can confirm with energetic testing that they remove all the damaging radiation emitted from the phone. Remarkably these chips do not impregnate over time and after 6 months of use their potency of action is unchanged. I am very impressed.

The car chips really do create a light airy feeling within the vehicle. As an electrosensitive, cars are usually a hazardous environment for me. And lethargy inducing also. After a trip I can sincerely say I no longer experience that tiredness nor the other sensitivity symptoms I would normally. It feels to me that the car environment is now harmonised. I have these on three vehicles and amazingly I believe that there has been a positive benefit to the mechanical functioning of the cars also. All three cars feel subtly smoother to driver and fuel use is also slightly, but noticeably, less. I am certain of these effects. Remarkable technology.

Raymond Marchesi
Perth - Western Australia
Product testimonial review for Aquakat and Svitec products.

Svitec wrist band

Another quality product. Energetically they test very well. I never remove mine and I have never had to clear it of detrimental energies or impregnations. My impression is that it will keep working forever, this is how good it tests. That to me is already remarkable. These have a calming effect and are a great overall subtle energy support which I noticed the moment I first put it on. Recommended that everyone wears one. Very good value for money also.
Raymond Marchesi
Perth - Western Australia
Not having the chlorine and chemical smell when you turn on the tap is great. Not to mention our fresh showers, and our clothes being softer with washing, and so much more.
B and G Wyton
Camira Queensland
AquaKat has changed my life for the better, I have more energy as well with drinking this water all of the time.
T. Butler
Carina Brisbane

Having AquaKat devices in my home gives me and my family such peace of mind knowing that we 're using and consuming the best quality water which is so vital for optimal health. And it's great tasting too. Having had some health issues in the family in recent years , it's become even more of a priority to ensure that good quality, alkaline drinking water is an essential and healthy part of our daily diet. "

-N Roberts, Sunshine Coast, QLD

''I love that the AquaKat range also includes portable water energising products so I can take the revitalisation technology with me wherever I go. I use my AquaKat water bottle when I'm exercising or travelling, and I carry the featherlight portable No Drops Disc in my pocket or handbag whenever I'm out and about to ensure that the drinking water I consume, wherever I am, is pure spring water quality. "

- S Dunn, Brisbane, QLD

Nicole Hoeksema
Glass House Mountains
30th Jan 2020

my Tank water had 52 forms of E.Coli detected but my Tap water had NIL detected.
Fellow who did the testing was quite amazed as he has only seen the complete removal of E.Coli via an ultraviolet light system. One of the best purchases I have ever made I must say!! Pretty darn happy with these results and only a once off very reasonable purchase cost with no ongoing maintenance or cartridge replacements!!!
I was concerned that my Pony was not drinking enough water to now having to top up his water frequently! I also am in love with AquaKat and after starting with the disks, then a portable, I am that impressed that I have now put a 1 inch on my house so all my water is now AquaKat! You can taste the difference!

Kerry Hansen
11th Jan 2020

Aquakat s - Also, whilst away over Xmas / NY we took our portable Aquakat s with us and was able to put it on the taps where we stayed to ensure we had the cleanest and revitalised water to drink.
It is such a great investment.
No need to buy water bottles as we can fill our own bottles and know the water we are drinking is the very best quality.
Loving all of my Penergetics products.
Such amazing technology.

Michelle England
27th April 2019

Aquakat Portable – Loving the portable. I’ve moved house and I just placed it onto my new kitchen tap. Love how it takes away any smells in the water like chlorine and it certainly makes the water taste much nicer. I don’t buy bottled water anymore. Like how it’s a one time buy too with no cartridges to replace. My son always says when he comes over, Mum your tap water is so much nicer than Dads. Definitely taste the chlorine in Dads tap water.

Nick J Pitts Gold Coast April 7th 2020

Aquakat No Drops Disc - So impressed with the Aquakat system! I had purchased a 7 stage water filter and had been using that previously until I noticed algae and gunk growing in it that was making me sick! Hadn't found another solution yet and a medical test showed that my liver was struggling with toxic load from the fluoride in tap water.
A friend of mine then put me on to the Aquakat and I could taste the difference immediately. It tasted like purified water (no chemical taste). So I started drinking only water placed on the Aquakat discs. I have since gone back for re-testing and no issues with the liver anymore. For under $20 it's a no brainer... I have one at home and carry one with me now!
I've also noticed when I do occasionally drink beer or wine, I put it on the disc first and wake up the next day without the ill effects of drinking... Worth it just for that!

Margarite Laing
2017 - 2020

Aquakat Swimming Pool Jan 2018.
My pool is completely chemical free and has never looked so good in its life. The calcium build up issue that we had from the salt chlorinator reacting to the paint has completely gone. The Aquakat water started removing this and big notice within a month. Maintenance in winter is just about free, keeping check on the pH levels are a must especially in summer but quite simple to keep clear and beautiful. Add hydrogen peroxide when I swim to oxygenate my lungs and body. My health pool. Birds and insects love it too

Aquakat 2inch- is on my mains and I drink, shower and cook in this amazing chemical free water. My gardens are all thriving because Aquakat is also a fertiliser for the gardens. I use a lot less shampoo’s and soaps, due to softness of the water. Aquakat Discs are used on bought water bottles/juice and wine/beer when I’m out and I have the Aquakat Bottle for when out exercising to be able to fill up from the park taps.

Sanviaqua Coffee Disc- is just amazing. I have 2 x double shot coffees everyday and my body pH levels are completely alkaline. The coffee disc aids in acid recovery, hydration, balancing the body and also works on maintaining the machine by eating lime scale and rust.
Great for longer lasting Coffee machines and kettles.

Colleen & Glenn Bubb
Western Australia 2020

Aquakat 1”: Once we connected the Aquakat to our mains we couldn’t realise the difference in our water. So much softer and we are using less detergents and soaps now. It certainly has taken away the chlorine smell and I love I don’t have to buy bottled water anymore. I get 2000 litres a day so I have enough to use on my gardens and the plants just love it. Definitely worth investing in and I don’t have to buy anything for this device. No cartridges at all. That’s a big bonus.

Sanviaqua Coffee Disc: I can’t believe the the crema on my coffee every single time. Definitely makes beautiful tasting coffee and my machine has never been cleaner. No scale build up since using the disc in the reservoir and my pH body test strips say after 2 double shot coffees I’m still alkaline. Yet coffee is meant to be acidic. So great for my health too. Healthy Coffee…

AquaKat delivers!

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